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Hong Kong from Victoria Peak Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Did you want to visit Asia for a long time, but could not decide?!

Then this trip is definitely for you! We will go to Hong Kong islands in order to enjoy nature and culture of that area. It is not possible to stay indifferent to Hong Kong! This area is very comfortabe as it was built for satisflying people's need. Moreover, a lot of countries do not have to make visa, for instance, Ukrainian citizens can go to Hong Kong for 14 days without visa. What are you waiting for? Read the description and buy tickets as soon as possible, because the price may rise any time.

Dates: from 28th of March till 6th of April; and from 14th of October till 24th of November.

Complexity: low-middle level

List of recommended items for hiking.

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Price: 475 USD.

* what is included: find the information in the end of the article.

Itinerary description

Hong Kong airport is located in a beautiful island - one of 263 islands of the region. So, you will definitely have a stunning view from your airplane while landing!

Houses in Lantau IslandHouses in Lantau Island

We will go to Lantau island - the largest one in Hong Kong..We will spend two days there. It is right time to visit the second highest peak in the whole Hong Kong - Lantau Peak . The first one we will visit a little bit later. Let's go to Chi Ma Van Peninsula.

Big Buddha in LantauBig Buddha in Lantau

You will see the Big Buddha statue. This place attracts tourists from all over the world. It is interesting to know, that this statue is the largest statue of Buddha in the world, facing North, not South.

A view to Hong Kong Central A view to Hong Kong Central

Hong Kong is connected by a car network, but we will get to the centre of Hong Kong Isand more interesting -we will take a boat! There are 263(!) islands of Hong Kong in total + Kowloon Peninsula, and unfortunately we won't have enough time to visit all of them. It is not a problem, but a reason to go there again.

Hiking to Victoria PeakHiking to Victoria Peak

We will visit the most notable places of Hong Kong Island, such as: the Victoria Peak, Aberdin national park and will have a stroll along the path call simply Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee in the Alley of StarsBruce Lee in the Alley of Stars

Although Hong Kong is located in Asia, European culture is no less popular there. Skyscrapers are perfectly combined with traditional Chinese shops. The cuisine of Hong Kong is full of seafood, and we recommend you to try a shark fin soup, which is considered to be a local Chinese delicacy. Did you know, master of martial arts such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan- were born in Hong Kong? There is even a monument to Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars!

Sai Kung National ParkSai Kung National Park

Once we finish watching all the landmarks in Hong Kong Island, we will move to the Kowloon Peninsula. The Sai Kung National Park will be our final destination on the peninsula. We are going to be attracted by the highest point of Hong Kong Taimoshan (958 meters) and plenty of tourist trails.

We will stay in campings during the whole our trip. The campings are full of facilities, such as showers, tables, benches and sometimes even barbeque zones and places for drying clothes.

The average temperature in Hong Kong in March and October is +23, which is just the perfect for hiking!


What is included into the price:

  • food during the trip (3 times per day);
  • transportation in buses and on a boat;
  • staying in campings;
  • group equipment rental (pots,petrol stove, kitchenware);
  • group medicine chest (if you have specialities with your health - notify the guides, please);
  • help in choosing aeroplane tickets;
  • photo and video report;
  • instructor service. 

 What is not included into the price:

  • airoplane tickets;
  • staying in hostels;
  • entrance fees to any attractions;
  • souvenirs and the other supplementary expenses. 

Prepayment fee: 100 USD in order to reserve your place for the tour.

!The rest amount all participants hand over to a guide during the first day of the trip.

A guide is allowed to change the itinerary if he is forced by weather conditions or the other extreme factors.

Do not hesitate to contact us right now! We are ready to answer all your question!

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